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About Us

   Paws World Pet Grooming was born in Maracaibo Venezuela in 2013, now in 2020 it is reborn in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States making a dream come true. Paws world is defined by the attention to the furry ones with the best quality and the most loving treatment. You will notice the difference once you use our service.

      In Paws world pet grooming we have certified groomers, specialized in loving care of your furry, we are people who care about the comfort of your pet, we take the time that is necessary for your pet to feel comfortable and safe with us, our groomers are trained in first aid for pets and we are endorsed by akc as safety in the salon for groomers, your pet is in very good hands.

    MY NAME IS ANGIE RAMIREZ I FOUNDED PAWS WORLD PET GROOMING, Since I was a child my passion and love for animals always existed, all my life was always next to a puppy or a kitten, I managed to have my dream grooming company in my country, then when I emigrated after 4 years I fulfilled my dream of founding here In the United States Paws World Pet grooming, for me it is not work, it is my passion that differentiates me from other grooming companies that only seek an economic benefit, I make this business my passion because is my dream come true.

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